Hampton High

Richmond Upon Thames

In just ten weeks on site Oakmont completed this reconfiguration project in tandem with another project for the Richmond West Schools Trust at Twickenham Academy.

The school received major adaptions to the existing teaching spaces to provide layouts that are more suited to the evolving needs of the school.

The previous curriculum and teaching style followed by the school was arranged around 20 pupils per class across three adjoining classes. This has now been superseded by a more traditional curriculum of 30 pupils and, as such, we have enlarged the classrooms to suit. In addition, the large open working spaces have been split into smaller classrooms to fulfil this teaching model.

The works undertaken by Oakmont predominately covered the removal of existing plasterboard and glass partitions and reconfiguration to form 20 new teaching spaces and a science lab.

Adaptions to the mechanical and electrical services, including the provision of new combined lighting radiant panels, also fell under Oakmont’s remit.

The majority of the works were completed over the last few weeks of the summer term and during the school holiday to ensure that works were completed for the new autumn term. Both schools were successfully handed over with completed facilities for the returning students and to complete satisfaction of the schools.

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