| Posted by Nikki | Sep 22nd 2017
Fixing Up the Farm

At our live project, Tintagel House, on the bank of the Thames in Vauxhall, we partnered with Parkeray to donate materials and time to a local city farm.

Approximately a five-minute walk from the Albert Embankment, where Oakmont and Parkeray are undertaking the refurbishment of Tintagel House for The Office Group, is the Vauxhall City Farm.

Nestled in amongst the high-rise buildings this small farm in the heart of busy London city has many animals, including horses, goats, pigs, alpacas, otters, birds, rabbits and ducks. The Vauxhall City Farm’s aim is to provide farm based fun and education to local children and visitors.

Amongst other things, The Vauxhall City Farm offers horse riding lessons for adults and children, all day, for six days a week, including RDA Riding for the Disabled sessions.

Speaking with staff at the farm they explained that the kickboards that surround the riding ring had not been replaced for approximately five years, and that when panels do become damaged they employed a “quick fix” just to make the riding school safe so they could continue their lessons.

Oakmont and Parkeray donated materials to the riding school and a team from site worked together to remove the existing kickboards and replace them with much more durable and thicker plywood boards.

Open to the public since 1977, The Vauxhall City Farm only exists on donations from the public and a small amount of funding from the local authority, so these materials have been very welcome.

By helping to improve the safety of riders and animals at the farm Oakmont have helped to ensure that lessons are uninterrupted and Vauxhall City Farm can continue to provide the local area with a little slice of farm life in the big city.

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